About AACN

Mission and Values

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The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), a unique asset for the nation, serves the public interest by setting standards, providing resources, and developing the leadership capacity of member schools to advance nursing education, research, and practice.


In all of AACN's programs and services, continuous attention is directed to core principles:

  • Respecting and including diversity of opinion, experience, and culture.
  • Open and responsive communication
  • Quality, efficiency and accountability in the implementation and evaluation of activities
  • Positioning through integrity

Vision For The Profession

By 2020, highly educated and diverse nursing professionals will lead the delivery of quality health care and the generation of new knowledge to improve health and the delivery of care services.

Vision For AACN

By 2020, as a driving force for quality health care, AACN will leverage member schools in meeting the demand for innovation and leadership in nursing education, research and practice.

FY 2014-2016 Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives

GOAL 1: Provide Strategic Leadership That Advances Professional Nursing Education, Research And Practice

Objective 1: Lead innovation in baccalaureate and graduate nursing education that promotes high quality health care and new knowledge generation.

Objective 2: Establish collaborative relationships and form strategic alliances to advance baccalaureate and graduate nursing education.

Objective 3: Increase the visibility and participation of nursing's academic leaders as advocates for innovation in nursing.

GOAL 2: Develop Faculty And Other Academic Leaders To Meet The Challenges Of Changing Healthcare And Higher Education Environments

Objective 1: Provide opportunities for academic leaders to strengthen leadership and administrative expertise.

Objective 2: Expand initiatives that recruit and develop a diverse community of nurse educators throughout their academic careers.

Objective 3: Increase opportunities for all members of the nursing academic unit to participate in AACN programs and initiatives.

GOAL 3: Leverage AACN'S Policy And Programmatic Leadership On Behalf Of The Profession And Discipline

Objective 1: Serve as the primary voice for baccalaureate and graduate nursing education through media outreach, advocacy, policy development, and data collection.

Objective 2: Respond to the needs of a diverse membership and external stakeholders.

Objective 3: Implement initiatives to increase diversity among nursing students, faculty, and the workforce.