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Strategic Plan

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FY 2014-2016  Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives

GOAL 1: Provide Strategic Leadership That Advances Professional Nursing Education, Research And Practice

Objective 1: Lead innovation in baccalaureate and graduate nursing education that promotes high quality health care and new knowledge generation.

Objective 2: Establish collaborative relationships and form strategic alliances to advance baccalaureate and graduate nursing education.

Objective 3: Increase the visibility and participation of nursing's academic leaders as advocates for innovation in nursing.

GOAL 2: Develop Faculty And Other Academic Leaders To Meet The Challenges Of Changing Healthcare And Higher Education Environments

Objective 1: Provide opportunities for academic leaders to strengthen leadership and administrative expertise.

Objective 2: Expand initiatives that recruit and develop a diverse community of nurse educators throughout their academic careers.

Objective 3: Increase opportunities for all members of the nursing academic unit to participate in AACN programs and initiatives.

GOAL 3: Leverage AACN'S Policy And Programmatic Leadership On Behalf Of The Profession And Discipline

Objective 1: Serve as the primary voice for baccalaureate and graduate nursing education through media outreach, advocacy, policy development, and data collection.

Objective 2: Respond to the needs of a diverse membership and external stakeholders.

Objective 3: Implement initiatives to increase diversity among nursing students, faculty, and the workforce.