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Assistant director for undergraduate programs

Position Description

The Assistant Director provides oversight of curricular maintenance and program development for undergraduate programs within the School of Nursing.  The Assistant Director works closely with the Director, faculty, the prenursing advisor, outreach coordinator, the international coordinator, and simulation lab manager to facilitate the day to day operations of the School of Nursing. The Assistant Director is expected to perform as a contributing member of the School of Nursing administrative team.

Duties & Responsibilities

Working collaboratively with the Director, School of Nursing, the Assistant Director is responsible for coordinating the undergraduate programs within the School of Nursing and for supporting the goals of the School, College, and University.  The Assistant Director works collaboratively with faculty within the School and across University departments. Administrative responsibilities include major duties listed below along with illustrative examples of the tasks associated with them.

  • Responsibility for recruitment and orientation of undergraduate students.
  • Serves as primary contact for communication with potential undergraduate students.
  • Supports graduates in their efforts to secure employment or gain admission to graduate school.
  • Oversees clinical placement and placement issues, including the coordination of MOUs and clinical site visits.
  • Updates catalogs and handbooks relative to the undergraduate programs.
  • Assigns student advisors.
  • Serves as initial contact for all student petitions and graduation applications.
  • Serves on School of Nursing Advisory Board.
  • Working with the Assistant Director of Graduate Programs, prepares a draft of the schedule of classes.
  • Participation in a program review for the evaluation of existing degree, accreditation, certification, and other academic programs which may include development of new programs and implementation of improved programs to enhance the quality of instruction, academic programs, research, and service.
  • Service on elected and appointed committees and acceptance of other duties as assigned by the Director of the School of Nursing.
  • Provision of oversight of development of promotional materials.
  • Participation in development of reports, grants, and proposals related to the School of Nursing academic programs.
  • In collaboration with the Director, assists with:
    • Budget
    • Faculty development
    • Evaluation of faculty
    • Hiring and orientation of faculty
    • Assessment of program outcomes
    • Implementation of the School’s vision within the context of the mission of the College of Health Sciences
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director, School of Nursing.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Holds a master’s degree in nursing
  • Holds a terminal degree in nursing or related field
  • Is eligible for a tenure track position
  • Is qualified by education and/or experience to teach in the undergraduate courses

Desired Qualifications

  • Education and/or experience in nursing administration
  • Nationally-recognized certification

Work Expectations

The Assistant Director is a full-time position. Work hours are primarily between
8AM and 5PM, Monday – Friday; primarily in Milledgeville.  Evening and
weekend work will be required.

how to apply

Potential applicants can go to the GCSU Jobsite and apply online at




posted may 2013