CCNE Accreditation

CCNE Accreditation

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Officially recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education as a national accreditation agency, the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) is an autonomous accrediting agency, contributing to the improvement of the public's health. CCNE ensures the quality and integrity of baccalaureate, graduate, and residency programs in nursing.

CCNE serves the public interest by assessing and identifying programs that engage in effective educational practices. As a voluntary, self-regulatory process, CCNE accreditation supports and encourages continuing self-assessment by nursing programs and supports continuing growth and improvement of collegiate professional education and nurse residency programs.


CCNE APRN Residency/Fellowship Task Force - New!
The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) Board of Commissioners has formed a task force to study APRN residency/fellowship programs. The task force has begun its work by surveying APRN residency/fellowship programs in order for CCNE to build a repository of information on program types, structure, and content. Using this information, the task force will review commonalities among programs and consider whether there is a regulatory and/or non-regulatory need for accreditation. For more information and to access the survey, click here.

Standards for Accreditation of Entry-to-Practice Nurse Residency Programs – New!
The CCNE Board of Commissioners recently adopted revisions to the CCNE standards for nurse residency programs. These revisions will be effective July 1, 2016, and they reflect the CCNE Board’s recent action to expand CCNE’s scope of accreditation to include nurse residency programs 1) serving all entry-to-practice nurses and 2) in all healthcare settings.

Supplemental Resource for the Standards for Accreditation of Baccalaureate and Graduate Nursing Programs - New!
The Supplemental Resource is intended to provide guidance to CCNE evaluators and decision makers and program representatives engaged in the CCNE accreditation process.  It offers insight regarding the relationship among key elements and provides examples of evidence that may be presented to demonstrate compliance with the standards and key elements.

Guidelines for Assessment of Student Achievement – New!
Important Note: This document provides guidance regarding selected key elements under Standard IV of the 2013 Standards.

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