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Team Leader Training (Session 6)- The Team Report: Putting Your Findings in Writing

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DATE: October 12, 2011

Webinar Overview

This webinar focuses on writing an excellent team report, including accessing and utilizing the template, pulling the report into one cohesive document, avoiding pitfalls in the writing process, ensuring that every program level/area is adequately addressed, stating clear rationale for the reason(s) a compliance concern has been identified and discussion about why you might be contacted by a CCNE representative after the evaluation.

Webinar Speakers

Mary Jo Clark, PhD, RN, Professor, Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science, University of San Diego; Heidi Taylor, PhD, RN, Associate Vice President for Learning Assessment, West Texas A&M University

Webinar Moderator

Lori Schroeder, MA, Associate Director, Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education

Recording and Handout

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Webinar Handout