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Background Screening, Drug Testing, Fingerprinting & Immunization Record Management Solutions

Discounts for AACN Members | CertifiedProfile 

Student Immunization Record Management & Document Manager

AACN Student Scholarship Program

Discounted Background Screening, Drug Testing, Fingerprinting & Immunization Record Management Solutions

Since 2005, has been a preferred vendor of AACN and a leading provider of student background screening solutions. has a proven track record for serving the specific needs of nursing schools, working with 35% of colleges and universities nationwide, including 340 AACN schools.

The service is student-funded, and there is no cost to your school or department. The student simply orders his or her background check online using a credit card or money order, and the results are returned within days. If your school would rather pay for student background checks, can accommodate institutional funding as well.

Through this partnership, AACN has negotiated a significant discount for members and their students. Discount pricing is also available to schools for faculty and staff screening. Through this agreement, will contribute to AACN a percentage of the revenue received from member institutions who enter into contracts for their services. These contributions will be used to support AACN's advocacy and outreach work.

As a member of AACN, your students will receive a 10% discount, making the smart choice for student background checks. Do note that schools with preexisting contracts with may not take advantage of this offer.

CertifiedProfile was designed in response to the overwhelming need from your students for a secure, online environment to facilitate order completion and manage their educational, professional and personal information.  A list of all documents required by nursing programs or clinical sites is posted to CertifiedProfile in an easy-to-read to-do list for students, accessible during the online order process. All background check, fingerprint and drug test results, as well as immunization records, medical records and important documents are stored online and are accessible by the student at any time.

The CertifiedProfile iPhone application, built by, makes it easy for students to utilize CertifiedProfile features on the go. The app provides access to many of the same features of the web-based CertifiedProfile and includes the ability to scan and upload required documents using their iPhone.

Provided at no additional cost to AACN members, CertifiedProfile helps students better manage their program requirements and prepare for life beyond school with resume, portfolio and reference management tools.

Student Immunization Record Management & Document Manager

Student Immunization Tracker and Certified Record Review were created to reduce the time and money involved in managing, storing and reviewing student immunization records, medical records and healthcare certifications. As an AACN member, you have the opportunity to sign up and receive a 35% discount on these services.
Student Immunization Tracker is a secure web-based management system that makes managing required student records simple. Students conveniently upload, mail or fax in their records, which are then securely stored online where both you and the student can view them. Maintaining your students' records and certifications has never been easier.

Student Immunization Tracker was designed from the ground up to be fully compliant with all federal laws including HIPAA and FERPA. Procedures for gathering, maintaining and storing student immunization records follow strict guidelines that protect the rights, security and confidentiality of your students.

Certified Record Review takes the Student Immunization Tracker process a step further, by having provide professional review of student records for you. A Certified Medical Transcriptionist will review all records for you to confirm valid records. If a record is invalid or needs attention, we'll contact the student directly.
Along with Student Immunization Record Management,'s Document Manager allows you to track additional student documents such as nursing registries, RN licenses, fingerprint results and CPR certifications. This service further eliminates the management of paper documents, giving you a clean and organized online environment to manage student records.

As with all services, two payment plans are offered, student and school funded. Regardless of the payment plan you choose, your school will receive a 35% discount. - Aacn $200,000 Student Scholarship Commitment has joined with AACN to launch a new scholarship for students in baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs. To be eligible, students must attend schools affiliated with or NursingCAS. Through 2015, will award eight student scholarships a year, worth $5,000 each, totaling $200,000 over five years.

Click here for the AACN Student Scholarship Program press release.

Eight students have already been awarded scholarships. We would like to congratulate the following students:



  • Liz Daniel from Duke University

  • Sarah H. from The University of Iowa
  • Hope Loeffler from George Washington University
  • Pete O'Donnell from Husson University
  • Raven Niles from The University of Iowa
  • Leslie Robinson from University of South Alabama
  • David Stepney from Barnes Jewish Goldfarb School of Nursing
  • Lori V. from Ferris State University



For more information on any of the above services, please call a Representative at 888-666-7788 or email