Exam Application

Exam Application

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Review the CNL Certification Guide, the Application & Exam Process Flowchart, the Application Checklist, and the CNL Standards of Conduct. Candidates must submit all required documents to CNC by the published deadline.

Apply to take the CNL exam in these short easy steps!

1. Complete and submit the Online CNL Exam Application with payment. All fees are subject to change and are non-refundable.

2. Contact your CNL Program Director or equivalent and have them complete the Online CNL Education Documentation Form.
(Note: Please provide your CNL Program Director with the instructions on how to complete the education documentation form.)

3. If your school is not listed as an Eligible CNL Program, the school Dean or equivalent must submit the School of Nursing CNL Education Program Verification Form. If your school is listed as an Eligible CNL Program, the Program Director must submit the Site Registration Form prior to the exam registration deadline.

4. For Faculty Only – Also submit the CNL Faculty Eligibility Documentation Form

5. If you require special accommodations, submit the Special Accommodations Form

Once your application, payment and documentation is verified, CNC will email you a confirmation letter.



Question? Contact CNC’s Staff at cnl@aacn.nche.edu.