Leading Initiatives

Board of Commissioners and Committees

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Board of Commissioners

The Commission on Nurse Certification is governed by the CNC Board of Commissioners (CNCBOC).

  • The CNCBOC is responsible for the policies and procedures of the CNL Certification program.
  • Members serve a three year term.

CNL Cut Score Study Committee

This committee was established in 2015 for the purpose of identifying a passing point (cut score) for the third form of the CNL Certification Exam in conjunction with Schroeder Measurement Technologies, Inc.

CNL Exam Review and Approval Comittee

Volunteers for this committee assisted with finalizing the CNL Certification Exam

Marketing Committee

The charge of the Marketing Committee is to promote the value of CNL certification. The committee is responsible for developing strategies to:

  • Implement, monitor, and evaluate the marketing plan.
  • Promote the CNC brand image.
  • Educate and market CNL certification to key stakeholders.
  • Promote recertification.

Job Analysis Commitee

The 12-member Job Analysis (JA) Committee is made up of subject matter experts who:

  • Assist with the various stages of the JA including development of the survey instrument
  • Review the body of knowledge, and finalize the JA with the testing agency

Item Writers

All CNL item writers are trained to write items and are required to collaborate with the contracted testing agency for the development of the CNL Certification Exam.

CNL Research Symposium Planning Committee

This committee is responsible for the program content of CNC’s CNL Research Symposium.