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CNL Verification Request Form
CNC provides official verification of current CNL certification status via email to the requester. Following processing of the form and payment, a certificant’ s record is reviewed. A letter with the official CNC logo is emailed to the agency or institution and includes the certificant’ s name, certification identification number, date certified, expiration date, and next renewal date.

CNL Job Bank
The CNL Job Bank is designed for CNL job seekers, employers, and recruiters. The CNL Job Bank is updated monthly as positions become available. Click here to view or post an ad.

CNL Job Analysis
A full-scale job analysis study by the CNC, in collaboration with Schroeder Measurement Technologies, Inc., commenced in May 2011. The study included an online survey instrument that described the performance activities (tasks) and knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required of a competent certified CNL. More than 200 CNLs completed the survey. Based upon the results, the CNC determined the content for the CNL Certification Exam.

CNL Self-Assessment Exam
The Self-Assesment Exam (SAE) is a 40-question online diagnostic tool that parallels the content and level of difficulty of the CNL Certification Exam. The SAE is designed for students, program directors, CNL candidates, and CNL certificants.

The CNL Community
This online discussion board, hosted by AACN and CNC, is designed for CNL students, graduates and practicing CNLs. It provides a forum to share information, resources, innovative practices, outcomes, and network with peers.

Why Hire a CNL Brochure
This brochure is designed to provide you and employers with resources to enhance knowledge and communication of the CNL Role. The brochure features examples of patient outcomes and definitions of the CNL role as reported by CNLs.

Since 2005, the AACN has worked with CertifiedBackground.com, a leading provider of student background screening solutions. CertifiedBackground.com is an exclusive partner of the AACN, with a proven track record for serving the specific needs of nursing schools.

Sample Job Descriptions

Graduate Nursing Student Academy (GNSA)
The Graduate Nursing Student Academy (GNSA) to provide high value programs, services, and resources to nursing students enrolled in master's and doctoral programs. Through the GNSA, AACN will focus on meeting the professional development needs of graduate nursing students who are preparing for careers as faculty members, researchers, advanced practice registered nurses, clinical nurse leaders, policy experts, and healthcare administrators, among other roles.

CNL Ambassadors
CNL Ambassadors are available to provide students with advice and mentoring. For more information, contact Tracy’s Lofty, CNC’s Executive Director at