2012 Spring Annual Meeting Photos

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Outgoing AACN President Kathleen Potempa
receives the ceremonial gavel from the new President Jane Kirschling


Outgoing AACN President Kathleen Potempa receives flowers


AACN President Jane Kirschling adjourns the Business Meeting

Capt. Brad Cooper, Executive Director of the White house’s Joining Forces Campaign, rallies support for this national movement. He is pictured with Lieutenant John Spannuth, US Navy; Major Melissa Smith, US Air Force; Dr. Ada Sue Hinshaw, dean from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences; and Dr. Afaf Meleis, dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing


AACN President Kathleen Potempa with
Nursing Spectrum/Gannett Foundation Award Winner Loretta C. Ford



AACN Honorary Membership Recipient Christine Alichnie with Kathleen Potempa


Interprofessional Education panel discussion featuring three of AACN’s colleagues on IPEC: Dr. Stephen C. Shannon, American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine; Dr. Leo E. Rouse, American Dental Education Association; and Dr. Lucinda L. Maine, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 


Dean Marcia Maurer from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and Donna Meyer,

president of the National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing



Dr. Eleanor Howell presents the Membership Committee Report



Maryland nursing deans Dr. Martha Hill from Johns Hopkins University and
Dr. Janet Allan from the University of Maryland



NursingCAS representatives Tania Z from Liaison International;
Chief Dean Liaison Tim Gaspar; and AACN NursingCAS Manager Caroline Allen



Kristen Swanson from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill