Enhancing Veterans' Care Tool Kit

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In summer 2012, AACN joined with the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) in an effort to enhance the resources of nurses working with veterans as part of the Joining Forces initiative, with a particular focus on nursing education.  To that end, this Enhancing Veterans’ Care (EVC) Tool Kit was developed.

It describes resources and exemplars that can assist faculty with the implementation of curriculum elements that will appropriately address the unique needs of the veterans and their families. The task force included a wide range of representatives of the Veterans Administration, the US Military, and professional nursing education in developing the Tool Kit.
The goals of this Enhancing Veterans’ Care Tool Kit are to:

  • Provide key educational resources that will assist schools as they engage in curricular development to incorporate quality care of veterans and their families.
  • Suggest focused, innovative learning strategies for teaching students how to care for veterans and their families.
  • Detail a repository of resources and relevant for all nurses who care for veterans and their families.

This EVC Tool Kit will be updated on a regular basis to keep it current.  AACN welcomes the addition of new materials related to the above goals.

AACN/DVA Joining forces tool kit Task Force

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