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Joining Forces: Enhancing Veterans' Care Tool Kit - Educational Resources

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Answering the Joining Forces Call: Integrating Woman Veteran Care into Nursing Simulations

Care of the Patient with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Clinical Case Discussion: Combat PTSD and Substance Use Disorders

Insomnia as Predictor Versus Outcome of PTSD and Depression Among Iraq Combat Veterans

Medical Care Needs of Returning Veterans with PTSD: Their Other Burden

Meeting the Mental Health Needs of the Aging Veteran Population

Mental Health Issues of Women Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan

Military Sexual Trauma: A Silent Syndrome

Post Deployment Care For Returning Combat Veterans

Providing Care to Military Personnel and Their Families: How We Can All Contribute

PTSD Among Our Returning Veterans

The Role of the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers in Patient Care, Surgical Education, Research and Faculty Development

To Know Them is to Serve Them Better

Treating PTSD and Disordered Eating in the Wake of Military Sexual Trauma: A Case Study

The Unasked Question

Using a Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Simulation to Improve Communication With and Nursing Care of Veterans

Using Simulation to Teach Veteran-centered Care

Veteran-specific Suicide Prevention

Resources - Case Studies - Assessment Tools - Class Discussion

What You Need to Know About Student Veterans - 5-part video workshop

PTSD Case Study Questions - Fairfield University

Home Based Primary Care

MUSC Case Study

Student Scavenger Hunt - VANA

Veteran Assessment for Undergraduates - VANA

Veterans Administration Military Health History Pocket Card

Curricular Examples


  • Innovations in Clinical Education: Joining Forces with Community/Public Health Nursing Students in Veterans' Healthcare Abstract and Slides
  • Brigham Young University of College of Nursing - Syllabus and Curriculum
  • Medical University of South Carolina - Accelerated Baccalaureate Curriculum and Courses
  • University of Florida - BSN Program Handout and Veteran Centric Baccalaureate Curriculum
  • University of South Florida - Baccalaureate Web-based Curriculum and Syllabus
    At the University of South Florida College of Nursing, the article "The Unmasked Question" along with the “Veterans Administration Military Health History Pocket Card” has been introduced to students in both undergraduate and graduate courses.  Incidentally, both of these sources can be found under the “Educational Resources” tab in this toolkit. For the graduate program, the article is required reading during an “Advanced Health Assessment” course when patient health histories are discussed.  During the lab period, faculty conduct a brief discussion regarding the article and then emphasize the need to ask all patients "if they have served in the military". A “no” answer indicates that the provider can continue on with other aspects of the patient's health history. A “yes” answer would then prompt the nurse practitioner (NP) to utilize the pocket card in order to obtain essentially a "military occupation health history".  Answers ascertained through the use of this card would further direct the NP as to physical exam, labs, referrals, etc.  Finally, the resources have been introduced in other clinical courses, when veteran centric health care issues are discussed.

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham - Syllabus
  • West Haven VA and Fairfield University - Courses


Nurse Residencies

Power Point Presentations

Introduction to Veteran Culture and Veteran-Centric Care

Joining Forces - Care of Veterans Experiencing PTSD, TBI, Homelessness and Suicide

Know Your Veteran: The Health Needs of America's Heroes

Population Health: Veterans

Population Health: Veterans II

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Veterans Affairs Nursing Academy Joining Forces

ELNEC-For Veterans - Module 5: Cultural Considerations in Palliative Care

ELNEC-For Veterans - Module 7: Loss, Grief, and Bereavement

Simulation Scenarios

Veteran-Centric Simulation - Providence VA Medical Center

Mobility Simulation - Saginaw Valley State University

Veteran PTSD P1 - Saginaw Valley State University

Veteran PTSD P3 - Saginaw Valley State University


Joining Forces Educating and Engaging Students to End Veteran Homelessness

VA Nursing Academy Innovative Exemplars

Webinar websites

Innovative Educators
Supporting Academic & Professional Growth in Higher Ed

AACN's Joining Forces Webinar Series

From the War Zone to the Home Front II