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Holistic Admissions Review in Nursing

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Holistic review is a university admissions strategy that assesses an applicant’s unique experiences alongside traditional measures of academic achievement such as grades and test scores. It is designed to help universities consider a broad range of factors reflecting the applicant’s academic readiness, contribution to the incoming class, and potential for success both in school and later as a professional. Holistic review, when used in combination with a variety of other mission-based practices, constitutes a “holistic admission” process. Many colleges and universities have employed a holistic admission process to assemble a diverse class of students with the background, qualities, and skills needed for success in the profession.

Holistic Review: A Quick Primer (PDF)

Holistic Review in Nursing - An Introduction (VIDEO)

Holistic Review in Nursing - An Introduction (PPT)

Why pursue diversity?

What is the evidence for holistic review?

What specific practices are associated with holistic review?   

Is holistic review legal?

How has holistic review been used in nursing?

How can I implement holistic review at my nursing school?

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In August 2016 the AACN's Online Collaboration Community used for participants in “Overcoming Barriers to Holistic Admission in Nursing” sessions was opened for conversation from the full AACN Community. If you are interested in talking about this topic, join the community and click on "Holistic Review Discussion Board".