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Introducing the UHC/AACN Nurse Residency Program

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The University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC)/AACN Residency Program was formed out of the desire of chief nursing officers for a better educated workforce in their clinical settings. Following several meetings between AACN and UHC, two goals were established for the collaboration: 1) expand capacity in baccalaureate programs and 2) develop a residency program to take the novice learner from new graduate to more competent provider. Currently, 187 practice sites in 32 states offer the year-long residency and more than 40,000 nurses have completed the program. A formal curriculum serves as the framework for the residency, and the faculty and staff of the UHC institutions who developed the curriculum review it annually for updates and revisions.

Download an Executive Summary of the Post-Baccalaureate Residency Program
Using funding provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a comprehensive evaluation plan was developed to identify outcomes from the first and second program cohorts. The results of the evaluation were extremely positive with clear changes in the resident’s perceptions of their competence, ability to communicate, and satisfaction with their work as acute care based professional nurses. A unique and very important outcome was the retention rate statistic – 95% – which can be contrasted with published reports indicating turnover rates of 30% in the first year of employment. There are clear financial benefits to this retention rate.
Read the latest Update on the AACN-UHC Residency Project.

Representatives from AACN, the UHC, and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) created a set of standards for the accreditation of post-baccalaureate nursing residencies. Accreditation is a central requirement for reimbursement by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services of costs associated with the residency. Further, the UHC sites have a strong desire to have a mechanism for assuring their distinct differentiation from other, less rigorous residency or internship offerings which have emerged following the development of the UHC-AACN program.

Schools of Nursing Participating in the Residency Program
- as of February 2016

Successful Transition: News for Nurse Residents

Any questions about the AACN/UHC Nurse Residency Program should be emailed to Kathy McGuinn, AACN Director of Special Projects, at kmcguinn@aacn.nche.edu.