ELNEC-Critical Care

ELNEC-Critical Care

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ELNEC-Critical Care was adapted from the ELNEC-Core curriculum.  This course has been developed for nurses who work in intensive care, coronary care, burn, dialysis units, emergency departments and other clinical areas encompassing critical care.  This course debuted in 2006 in Pasasdena, CA.  Four national ELNEC-Critical Care course were offered to California nurses, funded by the Archstone Foundation.  Additional courses have been offered around the country.  To date, over 1,050 critical care nurses have attended a national training program. 

Who Should Attend ELNEC-Critical Care?

  • Undergraduate and graduate nursing faculty working with students in critical care settings
  • Critical care CE providers and staff development educators
  • Hospice nurses who provide consults in critical care settings
  • APRN/staff nurses working in critical care settings
  • Other members of the interdisciplinary team are welcome to attend with the understanding that the curriculum is written by nurses for nurses.

National ELNEC-Critical Care Train-the-Trainer Courses In 2015

NOTE: The two courses below are a part of the ELNEC Summits, which provides ELNEC-Core, Pediatric Palliative Care, Geriatric, Critical Care, and APRN curricula train-the-trainer courses simultaneously. 

ELNEC Summit (Includes Critical Care)
September 22-23, 2016

Tulsa, OK
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ELNEC Fact Sheet 

Outlines all the various ELNEC Projects (i.e. Core, Pediatric Palliative Care, Geriatric, ELNEC-For Veterans, and Public Hospitals).

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