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ELNEC-Core was the first of the ELNEC curricula to be developed, specifically addressing end-of-life needs of adults. It debuted in January 2001 in Pasadena, CA. In the first three years of the project, thanks to funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), over 900 baccalaureate and associate degree nursing faculty attended a national ELNEC-Core train-the-trainer course. This represented 65% of baccalaureate nursing programs nationally. From one-year post-course data, it is estimated that these 900 nursing faculty used ELNEC-Core to train 45,000 nursing students. In turn, continuing education providers and staff development educators attended ELNEC-Core within the first 3 years of the project. According to the data received from one-year post-course surveys, these nursing educators provided education at various levels within the organization and in diverse clinical settings to 11,200 nurses. 

Who Should Attend ELNEC-Core?

  • Undergraduate and graduate nursing faculty
  • CE providers and staff development educators
  • Hospice nurses
  • Homecare nurses
  • APRN/staff nurses working in acute care settings (i.e. oncology, medical/surgical, palliative care settings, etc)
  • Other members of the interdisciplinary team are welcome to attend with the understanding that the curriculum is written by nurses for nurses.

National ELNEC-Core Train-the-Trainer Courses in 2016

NOTE: In addition to these courses, two ELNEC-Core Train-the-Trainer courses are available in the Summits, click here for more information.

ELNEC Core Train-the-trainer Course*
May 24-25, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ

ELNEC Core Train-the-trainer Course*
July 26-27, 2016
Charleston, SC

ELNEC Summit (includes Core)
September 22-23, 2016

Tulsa, OK
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ELNEC Core Train-the-trainer Course*
October 18-19, 2016
Orlando, FL

*Course held in partnership between the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association (HPNA) and the National ELNEC Project.

ELNEC-Core Trainers from Your City/ State

ELNEC Fact Sheet

Outlines all the various ELNEC Projects (i.e. Pediatric Palliative Care, Geriatric, Critical Care, ELNEC-For Veterans, and Public Hospitals).

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