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With life expectancy increasing and the numbers of aging adults growing each day, the healthcare system in the U.S. and abroad requires nurses to be educated in meeting the palliative care needs of older adults. The ELNEC-Geriatric curriculum addresses the specific educational needs of nurses who provide care to people who reside at home or are being cared for in community-based settings, such as assisted living, nursing communities, skilled nursing settings, hospices, or ambulatory care clinics. Based on the National Consensus Project (2013), each module captures essential elements of geriatric palliative care that is easy to teach or implement across the continuum of community care settings. Unique features of the course include a focused module on geriatric palliative care that elaborates on physiologic changes in older adults, medications, and chronic conditions using a person-centered approach. Geriatric syndromes are integrated across all 9 modules. A plethora of patient and family education materials and evidence-based assessment tools are provided to augment pain and symptom management. Undergraduate and graduate nursing faculty find its supplemental teaching materials and case studies invaluable to their current lectures. In addition, the curriculum includes supplemental teaching strategies for educating unlicensed personnel that work with geriatric patients and their families. ELNEC is grateful to the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF), which provided funding for the development of the ELNEC-Geriatric curriculum in 2005-2006 and funded two train-the-trainer courses and the Archstone Foundation, who funded three ELNEC-Geriatric courses from 2008-2010.

2017 ELNEC-Geriatric Courses

June 7-8: Denver, CO (June 9, Learn to Teach ELNEC)
September 27-28: Minneapolis, MN (September 29, Learn to Teach ELNEC)


ELNEC-Geriatric Trainers from Your City/ State

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