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Academic-Practice Partnerships

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The following resources, developed through the initiatives of the AACN-AONE Academic-Practice Partnership Steering Committee, are available for nursing leaders looking to develop and sustain effective academic-practice partnerships. 


View past webinars hosted by the Academic Practice Partnership Initiative.

Guiding Principles for Academic-Practice Partnerships

Endorsed by both AACN and AONE, these 8 guiding principles will help nursing leaders to develop collaborative arrangements based on common goals, mutual respect, and shared knowledge.

Interactive Tool Kit for Developing and Sustaining Partnerships and Exemplars

This tool kit was designed to facilitate the development, growth, and evaluation of academic-practice partnerships as a fundamental condition to advance nursing practice and improve the quality of care. In addition to exemplars, resources were created to guide you from start to finish in developing a partnership.

Partnerships Expectation and Outcome Matrix and Exemplars

This matrix is designed to facilitate robust and effective academic-practice partnerships by providing a method to 1) establish partnership goals 2) identify action steps for implementation and 3) specify expected outcomes and their timeframe.  A blank worksheet, sample document and multiple exemplars are posted for reference.

Exemplary Academic-Practice Partnership Award

The Exemplary Academic-Practice Partnership Award recognizes institutions involved in highly productive and model academic-practice partnerships. This award is presented annually at the October 2017 AACN Academic Nursing Leadership Conference (formerly known as Fall Semiannual Meeting).

Academic-Practice Online Collaboration Community

This collaboration community is hosted by the AACN-AONE Academic-Practice Partnership Steering Committee.  Designed for both academic and practice representatives, this community provides a forum to share information and resources, learn about innovative partnerships, discuss ways to measure success, connect with potential partners in your region and network with peers. JOIN TODAY!

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