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AACN Futures Task Force

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The Board of Directors of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) established the Futures Task Force in 2014 with the broad charge to develop recommendations “regarding potential new efforts that can be implemented to support the mission of the organization and assure support for the development of a nursing workforce for the future.”  The Task Force began its work in May 2014 with a two-day work session with a strategic planning consultant. Following this session, the Task Force process included an extensive review of 1) the changing current and projected future landscape in health care, nursing, and higher education; 2) reports and feedback from a broad range of internal and external constituents; and 3) current AACN initiatives and programs.

Information from all sources was considered in formulating four recommendations under the broad overview statement that AACN is the catalyst for innovation in nursing education that will improve health and health care. The four recommendations are:

1.  AACN should be the driving force for innovation and excellence in nursing education.

2.  AACN should position nursing as a leading partner in advancing systematic improvements in health and health care.

3.  AACN should expand its reach and influence through the development of an organizational structure that is representative of and responsive to key stakeholders.

4.  AACN should be a leader in information curation and synthesis related to nursing education, research, and practice.

View the Futures Task Force Final Report