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State Nursing Work Force Reports

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As part of our work to keep stakeholders updated on issues impacting nursing education and the nursing workforce, AACN has created this new Web resource which features links to a variety of state-focused reports. As new reports are released, please let us know so we can keep this section current. Send details to

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Addressing Arizona’s Nursing Shortage
May 2008

Statewide Strategic Plan for Nursing in the State of Arizona 2004

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The Nursing Shortage - Arkansas State Board of Nursing

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California Board of Registered Nursing 2012 Survey of Registered Nurses
Revised October 2013

Forecasts of the Registered Nurse Workforce in California
July 2013

A New Era of Growth: A Closer Look at Recent Trends in Health Professions Education
May 2013

Forecasts of the Registered Nurse Workforce in California
September 2009

Nursing Education Redesign for California (CINHC)
May 2008

Forecasts of the Registered Nurse Workforce in California
September 2007

California Registered Nurse Regional Workforce Report Card
May 2006

2008 Survey of Registered Nurses in California

Admission Policies and Attrition Rates in California Community College Nursing Programs
February 2003

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Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence - Colorado's Nursing Faculty Shortage
April 2012

The 2004 Colorado Nursing Faculty Supply and Demand Study
February 2005

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Averting Crisis: Ensuring Healthcare for Future Generations in Connecticut
May 2007

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The Status of Nursing in the State of Delaware: A Second Look

Solving the Nursing Shortage in Delaware
March 2002

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Florida's Nurse Supply: Growth, Demographics, and Employment Characteristics
April 2010

Florida Nursing Education Capacity and Nurse Faculty Supply/Demand: 2007-2009 Trends
January 2010

Forecasting Supply, Demand, and Shortage of RNs and LPNs in Florida, 2007-2020
July 2008

Statewide Vacancies and Job Growth Expectations in Nursing-Intensive Healthcare Settings
May 2008

Analysis of Florida's Nurse Practice Act
Report includes a breakdown of requirements for nurse faculty credentials by state
January 2007

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Final Report: University System of Georgia Task Force for Health Professions Education
June 2006

What's Ailing Georgia's Health Care Workforce?
August 2002

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Hawaii State Center for Nursing 2009 Annual Report

Projected Registered Nurse Workforce in Hawaii: 2005-2020
January 2007

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Report of the Governor's Nursing Task Force
October 2006

Idaho Nursing Overview
Winter 2009

Idaho RN Job Satisfaction and Retention: Results of a Survey of Idaho Nurses
Spring 2007

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Caring for the Future: A Plan for Meeting Metropolitan Chicago's Growing Health Care Workforce Needs
September 2005

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2005 Indiana Registered Nurse Survey Report

Indiana Nursing Workforce Data Center

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Trends in Nursing Education and Supply
January 2006

Status of Nursing Supply and Demand in Iowa: 2004
September 2004

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Registered Nurse Shortages Predicted in the US and Kansas for 2010 and 2020
August 2010

Kansas Nursing Occupational Outlook 2002-2012
June 2007

Kansas Nursing Occupational Outlook 2000-2010
March 2005

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Kentucky Long-Term Policy Research Center: Future Impact of Nursing Shortage Uncertain Here
June 2003

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Louisiana State Board of Nursing 2011 Annual Report

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Maine Nursing Workforce Reports: 2001-2010

The State of the State’s Nursing Education Programs

Strategic Plan for Maine's Nursing Programs
January 2005

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Who Will Care?: The Case for Doubling the Number of RNs Educated in Maryland
October 2007

Maryland Hospital Association Hospital Personnel Survey: Calendar Year 2006
August 2007

Maryland Hospital Association Hospital Personnel Survey: Calendar Year 2005
August 2006

Nursing Faculty Shortage: Causes, Effects and Suggestions for Resolution
September 2005

Maryland's Nursing Shortage: A Workforce Crisis
March 2003

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Ensuring an Educated Nursing Workforce for the Commonwealth
September 2005

But Who Will Teach Them? A Report on the Faculty Shortage in Publicly Funded
Nursing Education Programs in Massachusetts

Spring 2003

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A Profile of Michigan's Nursing Workforce 2009
July 2009

Michigan Center for Nursing Survey of Nurses 2008 Report

Survey of Nursing Education Programs: 2005-2006 School Year
March 2006

Survey of Nursing Education Programs: 2002-2003 School Year
April 2005

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Mississippi Office of Nursing Workforce Reports

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Missouri Healthcare Workforce Reports

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Nebraska Center for Nursing Workforce Reports

The Supply and Demand of Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses in Nebraska 2006
February 2006

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Nursing Workforce Supply and Demand in Nevada, 2000 to 2020
February 2003

2005 Survey of Licensed Registered Nurses in Nevada

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New Hampshire

New Hampshire Nursing Workforce Initiative Final Report, 2002

New Hampshire Nursing Workforce Reports

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New Jersey

Preventing New Jersey’s Impending Healthcare Crisis
March 2006

New Jersey's Educational Capacity: Impact on Nursing Supply
April 2005

Remedies for the Nursing Shortage
March 2005

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New Mexico

Nurse Recruitment and Retention in New Mexico Hospitals
October 2007

Addressing New Mexico's Nursing Shortage: A Statewide Strategy Framework, 2002

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New York

Nursing Schools and Faculty Report: 2010-2011 Institute for Nursing: New York State Nursing Workforce Center
April 2012

Healthcare Association of New York State's Workforce Advocacy Survey
April 2007

2005 Survey of Nurse Staffing in GNYHA Member Hospitals
April 2006

Results of the September 2002 Survey of Registered Professional Nurses, Volume I
April 2003

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North Carolina

Task Force on the North Carolina Nursing Workforce Report
2007 Update

North Carolina Nursing Workforce Report: 2004
May 2004

The NC Nursing Shortage: Under Close Examination

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North Dakota

Characteristics of North Dakota’s Nursing Workforce: 2003

North Dakota Nursing Needs Study: Direct Care Supply and Demand Projections
October 2003

North Dakota Nursing Needs Study: Faculty Survey Results
June 2003


Northeast Ohio Nursing Workforce Facts: Nursing Supply and Demand
June 2006

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Oklahoma Healthcare Industry Workforce Report: 2006 Summary

Health and Nurses in Oklahoma
Fall 2005

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Oregon Nurse Faculty Workforce 2011

The Changing Demand for Registered Nurses In Oregon
September 2011

Career Satisfaction Among Oregon's Registered Nurses: A Report from the Oregon Center for Nursing
March 2010

Who Gets In? Pilot Year Data from the Nursing Student Admissions Database
Oregon Center for Nursing, August 2009

Oregon's Nurse Faculty Workforce: A 2009 Report from the Oregon Center for Nursing

Oregon Nursing Leadership Council Strategic Plan: Solutions to Oregon’s Nursing Shortage 2005-2008

Oregon’s Registered Nurse Workforce, 2005

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Characteristics of the Registered Nurse Population in Pennsylvania
August 2006

Addressing Pennsylvania's Nursing Education System Capacity
November 2004

Report on the Status of Nursing Education Programs in Pennsylvania, 1999-2002
September 2004

White Paper: The Nursing Workforce in Pennsylvania
September 2004

Report on the Status of Nursing Education Programs in Pennsylvania, 2003
June 2004

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Rhode Island

Help Wanted: The Growing Crisis in Rhode Island's Nursing Workforce
October 2004

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South Carolina

A Profile of the South Carolina Nursing Workforce, 2003

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South Dakota

South Dakota Center for Nursing Workforce Reports

2006 South Dakota Health Care Professional Workforce Report

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Curing the Crisis in Nursing Education: A Master Plan for Tennessee

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Texas Hospital Nurse Staffing Survey: 2006

Professional Nursing Education in Texas: Demographics and Trends: 2006

Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies

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Registered Nurses in Vermont
March 2007

Report on Nursing in Vermont
December 1998

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Strategic Plan and Recommendations to Ensure an Adequate Supply of Nurses in Virginia
March 2004

Condition of Nursing and Nursing Education in the Commonwealth
January 2004

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Washington State Registered Nurse Supply and Demand Projections: 2006-2025
June 2007

Washington State Hospitals: Results of 2005 Workforce Survey

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West Virginia

West Virginia Center for Nursing 2005-2006 Annual Report and Recommendations

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Wisconsin Center for Nursing 2010 RN Survey

Wisconsin Health Care Workforce Report 2008

Wisconsin Health Care Workforce Annual Report
April 2007

Building a Health Care Workforce for Wisconsin's Future: Hospitals' Contributions
January 2006

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Nursing in Wyoming, Part One: Supply and Retention
September 2002

Nursing in Wyoming, Part Two: Turnover
October 2002

Nursing in Wyoming, Part Three: Net Flow of Employment
April 2003

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Nurse Education in Five States: The Importance of State Appropriations to Sustain Nursing School Capacity in States with Acute Nurse Shortages: 2005 HRSA Report

The Health Care Workforce in Ten States: Education, Practice and Policy
(States: CA, CT, FL, IA, IL, TX, UT, WA, WV, WY)

Colleagues in Caring: Regional Collaboratives for Nursing Workforce Development

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