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Clinical Fees Discussion - December 2003

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  • The Northern Arizona University nursing program is looking to increase the clinical fees it charges students which fund faculty clinical travel and skills lab supplies. Do any of your programs charge such a fee, and if so, how much? If not, how do you fund your faculty clinical travel?

    Suzie Hite/Northern Arizona University

  • Currently we charge a $330 fee for this purpose at the Master's level (except for Nursing Admin students). Part time students pay 1/2 of this fee. Also, we get a portion of our tuition back and we use that as well to pay for clinical faculty. - Lynn Shull/MUSC

  • We charge a clinical practicum fee of $150 for each graduate course with a clinical component and $170 for each undergraduate course with a clinical component. This brings in about $275,000 of clinical fees each year. - Brad Volk/University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • We do not have any clinical fees to students. Although a few of our sites are located up to 2 1/2 hours away, the travel and clinical faculty are paid from our "base" budget. Sometimes I have to juggle amounts available for conference travel to reimburse clinical travel. - Kathryn Whitenight/Brigham Young University

  • We can assess a student fee of up to $30 per clinical course as a lab fee. We are currently at the $30 level for some of our courses. We are moving other clinical course fees up toward the $30 maximum gradually. These fees go into our general budget. - Nancy McNiel/U T-Houston

  • We do charge lab fees in several of our undergraduate courses. The fees cover the cost of lab supplies ($35 each in 2 courses) and the quarterly testing ($25/quarter) that we give to assess progress and help to prepare for NCLEX (ERI tests). Faculty clinical travel is covered from our regular budget travel funds and, fortunately, most clinical sites are within the same city, so that expense is not terribly high. – Jill Oroszi/Wright State

  • The students are charged a clinical fee that covers Assess Tests, clinical supplies, and liability insurance. All Clinical Faculty travel is paid out of our base budget, an amount set aside at the beginning of the year specified for clinical travel. – Donna Doby/UNC Greensboro

  • We charge the students $350 each of their skills courses to cover consumable equipment/supplies. Reimbursement for faculty travel is completely separate. The general funds of the SON for travel contains an allocation of approximately $25 per student for those clinical courses in which students are precepted and the faculty visit them periodically during the semester at the site. Of course, some are close enough that no reimbursement is involved while others may be a one hour drive each direction. - Audrey Berman/Samuel Merritt College

  • We charge varying clinical fees. The easiest way to answer your question is to refer you to a web site. See http://www.bursar.iupui.edu. Click on fee listings for the IUPUI, then click on RC/School, and then select Nursing. That will bring up a complete list of all our courses and associated fees. Let me know if you have questions. We fund travel out of other school general fund monies.- Linda B. Griffin/IU

  • The University of Akron College of Nursing does not charge a clinical fee, but we do charge course fees to run the skills lab. This fee varies depending on use and includes insurance, NCLEX preparation and readiness testing ($60 per student per semester through MEDS Publishing), mandatory finger printing, as well as lab supplies. These fees range from $25 per course to $385. The higher fees are charged to NP students for the use of live models. The skills lab courses fees range up to $185. Our faculty are not reimbursed for clinical travel. It is part of their contract. – Dale Walker/University of Akron

  • We have no clinical fees. We do not reimburse clinical faculty travel, though we do reimburse parking expenses for those who incur them while at clinical sites. We purchase some skills lab supplies from our operating budget but we also have lab packets prepared by a proprietary company which the students purchase from the bookstore. Our faculty worked out four packets which are assembled by Cara Medical of Buffalo, Cara Medical, 739 Englewood Ave., Buffalo, New York 14223, E-mail: info@caramed.com, or Http://www.caramed.com and are purchased by junior and senior nursing students for 3 courses. The cost to the students ranges from app. $26 to $50.

  • I am told our faculty are considering merging these four into one packet.

       Bill Wachob/University at Buffalo