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BONUS Online Collaboration Community

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To more closely engage with our constituents, AACN has created an Online Collaboration Community exclusively for faculty and deans of member schools. A BONUS Group and BONUS Group Discussion Board allow us to more easily access information pertinent to our members.  This will replace the old BONUS Listserv. 

This online forum serves as a social media platform that enables members to share knowledge and best practices through discussion boards, post resources, explore topics of shared concerns, and form strategic alliances. Members of the community also enjoy on-demand access to more than 150 archived webinars on topics ranging from best teaching practices to inter-professional education to executive leadership and many others.
To access the member community, please log in to My AACN. From your My AACN Dashboard, click on “Update My Profile.” When updating your profile be sure to opt-in to the AACN Member Collaboration Community (see screenshot below) and save your changes.

Once you are back on your dashboard, look for the section titled “My Communities” and click on the AACN Member Collaboration Community link.

If you wish to join the BONUS group:

1. Click on the “AACN Member Collaboration Community” link on your dashboard to enter the community.

2. Click on “My Settings” in the left-hand navigation menu

3. On the “Groups” section on the right-hand side, click select.

4. Click the check mark next to BONUS Group. Click submit.

If you want to create a discussion thread, go to “Discussion Board” on the left-hand navigation menu, click on BONUS Group in the list of topics, then hover over the lightbulb icon on the far right of the BONUS Group section (see below).  Please check out Announcements (directly above Discussion Board) on the site, including managing the number of emails you receive from the AACN Collaboration Community and Discussion Group Information for posting instructions and etiquette.

For more information and additional assistance, please contact Faculty Programs Assistant Kate Priddy at kpriddy@aacn.nche.edu.

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