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Otzman Award Recipients

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Jerry Otzman Founders Award

The Jerry Otzman Founder’s Award was established by the BONUS steering committee on October 11, 1991. The award was established to honor Jerry Otzman, BONUS’ first president whose energy and inspiration led to the founding of BONUS.  Jerry served as Chair of the organizing steering committee (1985-86 to 1988-89) and subsequently as BONUS’ first President in 1989-90.  Jerry died October 17, 1991.   Many who were privileged to work with Jerry were inspired by his dedication and untiring efforts to BONUS and were hopeful that this gesture would help keep his enthusiasm alive.  This award is given every 5 years.

Award Recipients

1992 - Jerry Otzman, Wayne State University

1994 – Dan Junior, Yale University

1996 – Pat Hall, University of Utah

1998 – Mike Newsome, Virginia Commonwealth University

2003 – Cathy Reas, Vanderbilt University

2008 – Susan Donelan (post humorous), Boston College

2013 – Rudy Gomez, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio