Leadership Networks

How to Join a Network

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Faculty and staff may participate in multiple Networks, and schools may send more than one representative to each Network.

Join a Leadership Network

Membership Benefits

  • Conferences and educational events offered at a discount to members
  • Access to a members-only listserv, to connect you with colleagues nationwide
  • Access to the Network Membership Directory
  • Electronic publication, AACN News Watch, AACN's monthly email advisory
  • Opportunities to serve in leadership roles on the Network Steering Committee
  • Free subscription to Syllabus, the bimonthly newsletter of AACN
  • AACN communications, including press releases, governmental affairs bulletin, grant funding opportunities, issue bulletins and special announcements.

Network Goals

  • Provide opportunities for networking at AACN meetings
  • Operate a listserv for the interchange of information
  • Provide educational programs of value to the community of members at meetings
  • Disseminate/transfer/share the latest trends affecting nursing school faculty and staff

What are the seven categories of Leadership Networks?

Faculty and staff engaged in a variety of functions within the nursing academic unit are represented among the following seven AACN networks:

  • Business Officers of Nursing Schools Network (BONUS) is comprised of business officers, fiscal managers, and personnel involved in the operational management of nursing programs.
  • Graduate Nursing Admissions Professionals Network (GNAP) is comprised of professionals engaged in recruiting students into masters and doctoral degree programs in nursing.
  • Instructional Leadership Network (ILN) is comprised of nursing faculty responsible for educational programs, including curriculum development experts and faculty with teaching and/or curriculum as their primary responsibility.
  • Nursing Advancement Professionals Network (NAP) is comprised of development officers, advancement professionals, and public relations leaders from nursing programs.
  • Organizational Leadership Network (OLN) is comprised of nursing academic leaders with broad administrative responsibilities, including associate deans and assistant deans.
  • Practice Leadership Network (PLN) is comprised of nursing faculty who administer faculty practice programs and those actively engaged in faculty practice.
  • Research Leadership Network (RLN) is comprised of nursing faculty who have leadership roles facilitating research within their nursing programs.

Need to Update Your Contact Information?

Please direct questions to Beth Aronson, AACN's Membership Director, at baronson@aacn.nche.edu or 202-463-6930, extension 263.

If you would like to have your email removed from the distribution list, please send an email to baronson@aacn.nche.edu with the subject "UNSUBSCRIBE NETWORKS".