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ILN Listserve

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The AACN provides the ILN listserve exclusively for members of the Instructional Leadership Network. All active ILN members are automatically subscribed to this list when they enroll in the Network.

The ILN listserve, an electronic discussion group, facilitates communication among nursing faculty responsible for educational programs, including curriculum development experts and faculty with teaching and/or curriculum as their primary responsibility

To send a message to the listserve, send your email to Ilnnetwork@lists.aacn.nche.edu. All of the other list members will automatically receive a copy of the message. By selecting the reply option, a message will be delivered to the entire listserve.

Submissions to the list need not be approved, but to maintain the focus of the list, we ask that users limit message to faculty affairs and faculty development issues.

AACN Listserve Rules and Etiquette