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News Watch is a weekly email advisory covering the latest news, emerging trends, funding opportunities, and new resources of interest to the academic nursing community and exterfnal stakeholders. Special emphasis is placed on AACN’s leading initiatives, including  political advocacy efforts, publications, conferences, collaborations, and other activities aimed at meeting the needs of deans, faculty, staff, and students at AACN member institutions.

  • The AACN News Watch newsletter is an electronic newsletter delivered by email and posted on the AACN website at
  • The newsletter is disseminated for free to over 38,000 constituents within the healthcare and higher education arenas.
  • It is distributed weekly every Wednesday.

Rotating Sections

The AACN News Watch has four sections that are rotated out each week.

  • Member News & Announcements
    Highlights state, national, and international achievements/awards by the dean or faculty of AACN Member Schools (specifically related to the school of nursing). DO NOT submit: dean/faculty changes, speaking engagements, interviews, or university based awards.

  • New Partnerships & Grant-Funded Initiatives
    Highlights AACN Member Schools (schools of nursing) grants or funding received

  • Opportunities and Resources to Consider
    Highlights any opportunities for the nursing academic community, which can include award nominations, webinars, fellowship opportunities, nursing education/training opportunities, funding opportunities, and similar resources.

    Note that  event/webinars must be open to the public and appeal to an audience broader than the submitting/hosting institution. Submissions must be received a minimum of two weeks prior to the event taking place.

  • Rounds with Leadership
    This new section will be included in the 4th Wednesday of each month featuring commentary on a variety of issues from AACN Board Chair Juliann Sebastian and President and CEO Deborah Trautman.

Submission Guidelines

AACN Members and related stakeholders  are encouraged to submit articles of interest, research awards and opportunities,  member school announcements, new partnerships or grant-funded initiatives, and resources, to the AACN for inclusion in the newsletter, according to the following guidelines.

  • Each section will be limited to one article per member school. If more than one is submitted, AACN staff will determine which will be published.
  • Submissions must be written in third person, in paragraph format, and not to exceed 150 words.
  • Include a link to the press release, website, or other source for more information.
  • By submitting material, submitter gives us the right to publish and edit them if necessary
  • Articles may be condensed or be placed on a separate page with a link from a teaser of the first few paragraphs
  • We do not advertise university awards and events, continuing education programs, products for sale and other items that may imply endorsement or support one member school over another.

How to submit to News Watch

  • Submissions must be received Monday at 12:00 pm (EST) in order to appear in that week’s issue.
  • Send your article via email to Bill O’Connor, AACN’s Director of Publications at