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Senate LHHS Appropriations Subcommittee Approves their FY 2014 Funding Levels

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Today, on July 9, 2013, the Senate Labor, Health and Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee approved their FY 2014 appropriations bill by voice vote. The bill provides the Title VIII Nursing Workforce Development programs $251 million, which is consistent with the President’s FY 2014 budget recommendation and the request made by AACN as well as the Nursing Community. The increased funding was provided to the Advanced Nursing Education program bringing the total to $83.5 million. The remaining Title VIII programs were funded at the levels consistent with the President’s recommendations and FY 2012 levels (see below). Additionally $5 million was set aside for Nurse- Managed Health Clinics. The increase to the Title VIII programs is 15% over the FY 2013 post sequestration levels (see: Additionally, the National Institute of Nursing Research received $145.2 million.

Title VIII Total: $251 million
Advanced Education Nursing-$83.5 million
Nursing Workforce Diversity- $15.8 million
Nurse Education, Practice, Quality, and Retention-$39.6 million
Nurse CORPS Loan Repayment and Scholarship Programs- $83.1 million
Nurse Faculty Loan Programs- $24.6 million
Comprehensive Geriatric Education-$4.5 million

The appropriations process has just begun and additional steps must be taken by the Senate to approve these levels. The full Senate Appropriations Committee is slated to take up the LHHS-ED spending bill on July 11th. There is no word yet as to when the House will consider their funding levels for FY 2014. AACN will continue to keep our members apprised of the appropriations process and advocate to support the highest funding levels for our programs of interest. For more information on AACN’s advocacy, see: To access the Summary of the bill, see: