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NursingCAS is the national centralized application service that provides prospective students the opportunity to apply to over 1,000 participating programs at nursing schools nationwide using one, online platform. There is NO cost for schools to participate in NursingCAS. All training, cloud-based software, and support are free. And participating schools can customize their requirements and the application on a per-program basis including: 

  • Branding with custom banner images
  • Adding instructional text to guide applicants and highlight your program
  • Providing program details such as deadline, delivery, degree type, track, etc.
  • Adding specific questions that applicants  must answer
  • Identifying documents applicants must submit to their program
  • Identifying the number of references (if any) applicants must submit
  • Applicants can self-identify which of their coursework matches the program’s prerequisites
  • Identifying the type of transcripts (official, unofficial, none) required
  • Indicating what type of coursework entry (full academic history, prerequisites only, none) is required

How Does NursingCAS Work?

  • NursingCAS is a Centralized Application Service for prospective students to research and apply for a nominal fee to RN diploma, associate degree, baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral programs at participating nursing schools nationwide using one, online application.
  • Powerful Web-Based Admissions Software called WebAdMIT for staff to manage and analyze their applicant pool. WebAdMIT includes tools for scoring candidates based on custom criteria, tracking interviews, conducting an online review of applicants, calculating program-specific GPAs, sending and tracking applicant communications, creating custom reports, and exporting data to import into internal systems. Schools can have an unlimited number of users with customized access. Ongoing training and support is provided.
  • Integrated Administrative Services including the processing and management of transcripts, references, supporting materials, calculating GPAs, and providing applicant service and support.

Featured Event

Attend a NursingCAS Session at an Upcoming AACN Conference or Regional Workshop

Learn from your colleagues who utilize NursingCAS at their school. Explore how you can use NursingCAS to increase your program’s exposure to a wider applicant pool and access tools to more efficiently manage your admissions processes.

Sessions will be held at the Spring Meeting on March 19 in Washington, DC, the Graduate Nursing Admissions Professionals Conference on April 4 in Dallas, TX, and the Business Officers of Nursing Schools Conference on April 20 in Savannah, GA. Join us on April 3 at Texas Woman’s University for a NursingCAS Learning & Networking Day in Dallas, TX.

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