Prospective Schools

Prospective Schools

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Participation in NursingCAS is free and voluntary to accredited schools of nursing. Programs that are eligible to participate are those that grant RN diplomas, associate, baccalaureate, master’s, or doctoral degrees. Programs must have or must be seeking accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) or the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). Additionally programs that have accreditation from the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs or the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education are eligible to participate. Programs do not need to be members of AACN to participate.

Time to implement NursingCAS varies and we will work with each school individually to develop a custom implementation plan and timeline based on your school’s needs. We will work with each school to ensure that all appropriate stakeholders at your institution are acquainted with NursingCAS and are ready to implement the system for your nursing program(s). Depending on the internal structure and hierarchy of your institution appropriate stakeholders could include; deans, admissions professionals, IT staff, nursing school recruiters, academic advisors, faculty, the registrar and other decision-makers.

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New schools are on-boarded to NursingCAS every month. And below is a summary of the steps. The designated primary contact at your school will be responsible for setting up your school’s program listing on the application. And you will be able to customize program-specific admissions requirements (transcripts, coursework entry, custom questions, essay, references and document needs) and branding for each school.

  • Step 1: Submit the NursingCAS Enrollment Form
  • Step 2: Attend 2 Training Webinars on NursingCAS/WebAdMIT
  • Step 3: Complete Program Set-up on NursingCAS
  • Step 4: Update your Website to include information about NursingCAS
  • Step 5: Open Programs on the NursingCAS application

If you would like to learn more about implementing NursingCAS, then schedule a call with Caroline Allen, AACN’s NursingCAS Director, at 202-463-6930 ext. 258 or

To join NursingCAS, please complete the Enrollment Form.

Implementation Recommendations

  • Determine who the internal stakeholders are at your school.
  • Determine when you will “go live” on the NursingCAS application. We recommend that you post programs 6 weeks in advance of a deadline if NursingCAS is going to be your “sole” application method. If you are planning to use NursingCAS in addition to other application methods (such as an internal university application, common application, state application system, or any other mechanism) then posting programs with a shorter lead time to your deadline is permissible.
  • Determine which program(s) you want to post on NursingCAS. You don’t need to post all programs at once, programs can be added on a “rolling” basis. And you are not required to post all programs.
  • Designate a project lead(s) for NursingCAS at your school
  • Consider how your current application process works? What information and documents are collected?
  • Consider how you educate applicants about your admissions process (Web site, information sessions, open houses, campus visits, advising sessions, print publications, etc.)? Information will need to be updated to include NursingCAS.
  • Determine if you will need to import the NursingCAS data into your student information system (such as PeopleSoft, Banner, Datatel, etc.)

NursingCAS staff will work with you to ensure the smooth implementation of the application service at your institution, provide recommendations, best practices, support, and training.


Please contact Caroline Allen, NursingCAS Director, at 202-463-6930 ext. 258 or for further details.