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Attention: New Version of NursingCAS is Launching on October 15, 2014

AACN and its partner, Liaison International, are excited to announce that on October 15, 2014, a new version of NursingCAS, referred to as NursingCAS 3.0, will be released. We have listened to your feedback and have taken steps to develop a system that will truly meet the unique needs of any nursing program. NursingCAS 3.0 will give schools a configuration tool, which will allow you to customize several program-specific requirements, including:

  • Coursework (none, pre-requisites only, full coursework data)
  • Transcripts (none, unofficial, official)
  • Custom questions (if a school needs to capture a question not already captured by NursingCAS that is specific to their program they will have the ability to add it to the application)
  • Number of references (schools can require that an applicant must submit a specific number of references via NursingCAS to be considered for admission to your program)
  • Number of documents (applicants will be able to submit up to 20 documents via NursingCAS to be considered for admission to your program depending on your requirements)
  • Personal statements (schools will be able to identify to applicants which questions or topics should be addressed to be considered for admission to your program)

It’s important to note that although NursingCAS 3.0 will open to applicants on October 15, 2014, the first deadlines that can be published on the new platform will be December 1, 2014. During this transition time, NursingCAS staff will work with each school individually to provide recommendations on implementation timelines, application deadlines, and related issues. Please contact Caroline Allen, AACN’s Senior NursingCAS Manager, at 202-463-6930 ext. 258 or callen@aacn.nche.edu with any questions or concerns.

For more details, click here or join a Webinar to learn more.


NursingCAS Quick Reference Guide – This is a helpful resource for you to reference to learn who to contact in order to get your question addressed.

Login for WebAdMIT 2013 – 2014 - You can access your applications that were submitted during this cycle by logging into WebAdMIT.

Login for WebAdMIT 2012 – 2013 - You can access your applications that were submitted during this cycle by logging into WebAdMIT.

WebAdMIT Users Guide 2013 - 2014 – This help guide will assist when you have questions regarding how to use features in your WebAdMIT portal.

PDF of WebAdMIT User Guide 2013 - 2014 – This PDF version is the same as the web version, this is a helpful format if you want to print the guide.

WebAdMIT Getting Started Guide – This guide gives basic information on how to get started. If you are brand new to NursingCAS, refer to the beginners getting started guide.

How to Use the Programs Tool in WebAdMIT – Schools can add programs to their listing on NursingCAS via WebAdMIT, click on the link to access information on how to use this tool. Refer to this guide for more details on how to use the tool or view this video. To help determine your “Program Type” click here for Microsoft Excel format or click here for Microsoft Word format.

Data Dictionary for the 2013-2014 Application Cycle – This is a helpful resource for your IT staff, it can assist them with data mapping for importing the data into your institution’s student information or ERP system

How to Access End-of-Cycle Reports

ERP Integration Forum

WebAdMIT Training

Please contact the WebAdMIT Support Team at 716-636-7777, option 7 or via email at webadmitsupport@liaison-intl.com to schedule a training session. Also contact WebAdMIT with any questions regarding your WebAdMIT portal or how to use any of the features in the system.

Application Resources

View a short video on how to complete an application through NursingCAS. Share this video with your prospective students and applicants.

NursingCAS Application Portal

Applicant Information

Sample Application
Note some information is redacted

What is the Verification Process?


There is now an optional field on NursingCAS that allows applicants to input their Social Security Number (SSNs) for those schools that need to collect this information. Read more.

NursingCAS NewsLetter

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