Participating Schools Resources

Participating Schools Resources

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Attention: NursingCAS 3.0 is Now Open

We have listened to your feedback and have taken steps to develop a system that will truly meet the unique needs of any nursing program. NursingCAS 3.0 will give schools a configuration tool, which will allow you to customize several program-specific requirements, including:

  • Brand your program pages with an image and color scheme
  • Add instructional text to guide applicants
  • Enter specific questions applicants to your program must answer
  • Identify documents applicants must submit to your program
  • Configure prerequisite courses so applicants can self-identify which of their coursework matches your prerequisites
  • Identify what type of transcripts (official, unofficial, none) are required for your programs
  • Identify what type of coursework (full entry, prerequisites, none) is required for your programs


NursingCAS 3.0 Configuration Training Materials – This folder contains all the training materials related to adding and customizing your programs on NursingCAS 3.0.

Login for WebAdMIT - Authorized users from participating schools can access the admissions management software for NursingCAS.

WebAdMIT User Guide – This links to the web version, and you can download a PDF version if you want to print the guide.

Data Dictionary for NursingCAS 3.0 – This is a helpful resource for your IT staff, it can assist them with data mapping for importing the data into your institution’s student information or ERP system

Sample Data Export File for NursingCAS 3.0 – Click on the link to download a sample export file including every field available to export from NursingCAS (except the school specific created questions). All “one to many” fields are exported as exactly two columns.

ERP Integration Forum

WebAdMIT Training Videos
This links to the WebAdMIT YouTube channel where you can find videos on how to use some of the tools in the software.

Recordings of WebAdMIT Training
Click on the links below to access recordings of training presentations on how to use the various tools in the software.

  • WebAdMIT Overview Training – Access this recording to learn more about Navigation, the Dashboard, and the Applicant Detail Screen
  • Basic Set-up Part 1 – Access this recording to learn more about Set-up and/or Transferring Settings, Adding Users and Workgroups, Creating Local Statuses, and the Applicant Header
  • Basic Set-up Part 2 – Access this recording to learn more about Lists and Searches, Custom Fields, Setting up and Sending Emails, and Requirements
  • Advanced Set-up Part 1 – Access this recording to learn more about Creating Interviews and Assignments and Admissions Committee Online Review
  • Advanced Set-up Part 2 – Access this recording to learn more about Creating Local and Prerequisite GPAs
  • Advanced Set-up Part 3 – Access this recording to learn more about Creating Comprehensive Lists, Reports and Exports
  • Advanced Set-up Part 4 – Access this recording to learn more about Scoring your Applicants
  • Focus on New Features Part 1 – Access this recording to learn more about how to Create and Use Workgroups
  • Focus on New Features Part 2 – Focus on Prerequisite Coursework and Scoring

Application Resources

NursingCAS 3.0
Comprehensive List of Questions Asked on the Application

Applicant Information

Applicant FAQs for the NursingCAS 3.0 Transition

NursingCAS NewsLetter

February 2015

January 2015

December 2014

WebAdMIT Training

Please contact the WebAdMIT Support Team at 716-636-7777, option 7 or via email to schedule a training session. Also contact WebAdMIT with any questions regarding your WebAdMIT portal or how to use any of the features in the system.