AACN and the CDC Announce New Public Health Fellowship Opportunity

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AACN and the CDC Announce New Public Health Fellowship Opportunity

Stay tuned for more upcoming fellowship opportunities in December 2013!

AACN, as part of the Academic Partnership Cooperative Agreement with the CDC, will coordinate CDC fellowship and internship programs related to public health nursing.  Fellowships may be available at the CDC, public health departments, and/or other community groups. AACN will work closely with CDC and its affiliated program offices to identify and market placement opportunities, set selection and eligibility criteria, assist the CDC with all information needed to select top candidates, provide orientation and ongoing professional development opportunities to fellows/interns, evaluate individual and learning site outcomes, assess program effectiveness, and institute a plan for continuous quality improvement.

AACN serves as the advocate and information clearinghouse for CDC nursing fellowships. AACN provides expert advice on core competencies that should be met by potential applicants, including those found in the
AACN Essentials Series and other sets produced by the Quad Council of Public Health Nursing Organizations and the Council on Linkages.

Once opportunities, expectations, and timelines are clearly defined, AACN prepares and issues a detailed call for applications. To facilitate information exchange about available fellowships, AACN will host applicant Webinars and/or conference calls to clearly outline expectations and eligibility requirement and give applicants an open forum to ask questions.

AACN will coordinate applications received in response to the call for fellowship applicants, conduct the first level of applicant review, forward complete and responsive applications to the CDC for second level review and selection, and coordinate notification of successful applicants.

AACN will work closely with CDC to assure that new fellows have access to adequate orientation to their new role as well as training opportunities. A collaboration community for CDC fellows will be created, and AACN mentors will be available for CDC fellows. 

Process and outcome evaluation of the fellowship program will be designed to assure that AACN/CDC fellows receive appropriate support during the fellowship and achieve the intended outcomes of the specific fellowship in which they participate. 

The general competencies required for CDC fellows are being defined and will be posted as soon as they have been approved by CDC.

Currently, our partnering organization the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research (APTR) is also offering fellowships that are available to qualified Nurses who are APTR members.  To view go to http://www.aptrweb.org/?page=fellowships_cdc.