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Tessa Walker Linderman

Position Number: 02-118DSLRFA14
Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response/DIVISION OF STATE AND LOCAL READINESS
Fellowship Title:
Medical Countermeasure Program Development Nurse Fellow
Project Focus Area: Public health preparedness, focusing on medical counter measures for health security.

Tessa Walker Linderman

Dr. Tessa Walker Linderman works in the Division of Population Health located within the CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease and Health Promotion.  Her fellowship position is focused on public health preparedness and medical counter measures for health security.  Dr. Linderman is collaborating with the medical countermeasure team as a clinical subject matter expert by bringing a nursing perspective to the work the medical countermeasure team is completing.  Some of these projects she is working on include a prototype report on the preparedness of the top urban areas in the country and an evaluation of the Operational Readiness Review (ORR) tool. For more information on the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, click here.

Dr. Walker Linderman is a registered nurse, board certified in Advanced Public Health Nursing. She completed her Doctor of Nursing Practice specializing in Community Health Systems. As a public health nurse for Buncombe County Health and Human Services in Asheville, North Carolina she collaborated on chronic disease management and emergency preparedness efforts and spearheaded an obesity prevention program with the local school system. Dr. Walker Linderman served as the co-chair of Public Health Nursing Definition Task Force for the American Public Health Association Public Health Nursing Section to update the definition of public health nursing in 2013. 

Working with underserved populations is a passion and priority for Dr. Walker Linderman. She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Turkmenistan and has worked with local NGOs and clinics in Nepal, Haiti, Panama, and Indonesia. She served as program coordinator for a Somali refugee women’s wellness clinic in Seattle, Washington working to promote health and wellness in this population. 

Dr. Walker Linderman holds a BS in psychology and health promotion from Southern Oregon University and a BSN and DNP from the University of Washington School of Nursing.

Fellow Robin Wallin

Position Number: 01-117DPH13
National Center for Chronic Disease and Health Promotion/Division of Population Health, School Health Branch

Fellowship Title: Managing Chronic Conditions in Schools Nurse Fellow
Project Focus Area: This project will focus on school-based management of chronic conditions.

Robin Wallin

Ms. Robin Wallin works in the Division of Population Health located within CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease and Health Promotion.  Ms. Wallin’s activities range in scope from conducting comprehensive literature searches and systematic literature reviews to identify evidence-based strategies and recommendations for use by schools and school districts who are working to meet the needs of students with chronic conditions. With guidance from a mentor, Ms. Wallin has been able to interact with the funded states to assist them in the implementation of the new framework for care by promoting their understanding of recommended strategies and guiding them on appropriate use.  Ms. Wallin’s fellowship began January 2014 and will end December 2014.  For more information on the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, click here.

Ms. Wallin is a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Nationally Certified School Nurse, and has served as the Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) health services coordinator since 2005. She joined ACPS in 1997 as a school nurse at Francis C. Hammond Middle School, and became school nurse at George Mason Elementary School in 1999. She worked with ACPS and community partners to bring a school-based health center to the high school in the division. She also has served recently as the Project Director for a HRSA capitol grant to create a school-based mobile health unit which will serve three elementary schools in Alexandria.  Ms. Wallin serves as staff liaison on the ACPS School Health Advisory Board, through which she helped guide the development of food allergy guidelines, the district Wellness Policy, and a state-of-the-art technical tool to teach families how to access medical insurance and medical care.

Ms. Wallin earned a Master of Science in Nursing degree from the Yale University School of Nursing Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program in 1985 and a Bachelor of Arts in international affairs from The George Washington University School of Public and International Affairs in 1982. She is a candidate for a Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree from the Yale University School of Nursing. Earlier in her career, Ms. Wallin worked for many years as a pediatric nurse practitioner in an inner-city clinic and in an urgent care setting.

In November, Ms. Wallin was named the Virginia School Nurse Administrator of the Year by the Virginia Association of School Nurses (VASN).  She also is the recipient of the 2013 Vola Lawson Award from the Alexandria Office on Women's Salute to Women program, the 2009 Flora Krause Casey Public Health Award from the Alexandria Public Health Advisory Commission, the 2002, Whole Village Award from the Educational Association of Alexandria and the 2002 World Asthma Day Recognition Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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