Resources & Opportunities

Resources & Opportunities

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CDC Cooperative Agreement Funding Opportunities

CDC Healthy People 2020

CDC Stacks
CDC Stacks is a free digital repository of publications produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC Stacks is composed of curated collections of peer reviewed articles, CDC guidelines and recommendations as well as other publications on a broad range of public health topics. CDC Stacks provides the ability to search the full text of all documents, browse journal articles by public health subject, and explore the curated collections of over 11,000 publications. Articles stored and shared through CDC Stacks will help CDC to further its mission to save lives and protect the health of citizens of the U.S. and of international populations. CDC Stacks is updated weekly.

IOM Report on the Future of Public Health  

IOM Report on U.S. Health in International Perspective:  Shorter Lives, Poorer Health

Pertussis (Whooping Cough) CDC Resources
Find pertussis information in various formats, including feature stories (articles of interest to health consumers searching the internet) and personal stories, electronic cards, and presentations.

Primary Care and Public Health: Exploring Integration to Improve Population Health

Provider Resources from the CDC for Vaccine Conversations with Parents
CDC, AAP, and AAFP created these materials to help you assess parents' needs, identify the role they want to play in making decisions for their child’s health, and then communicate in ways that meet their needs. These resources are collectively called Provider Resources for Vaccine Conversations with Parents.

Public Health Force Summit Report: Modernizing the Workforce for the Public’s Health: Shifting the Balance 

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Report on Public Health Nursing

U.S. Surgeon General’s National Prevention Strategy