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The Newsletter of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing

Can't find the right person to fill your vacant faculty or staff position? Here's a quick, economical, and effective way to generate interest in open positions. Advertise in Syllabus, the newsletter for AACN that reports the latest association activities and developments in academic nursing.

AACN's bimonthly newsletter reports the latest Association activities and developments in nursing higher education. Coverage includes interviews with top policymakers, updates on federal legislation and regulatory policy, and discussion forums on a range of critical issues in nursing education, nursing research, and health care. We encourage you to share this newsletter with faculty, students, and anyone else interested in nursing education.

(This newsletter requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to download. Please click here to learn how to download a free copy.)

Special Advertising Rates in Syllabus, the AACN Newsletter for November-December Issue

Receive a 10% Discount on Ads

For only $10 per line, AACN members can announce open positions via Opportunities, the advertising section of Syllabus. Display ads of various sizes also are accepted at reasonable costs. Syllabus is e-mailed to more than 36,000 individuals in 790 nursing programs and is posted on AACN's Web site, so it is easily accessible within the nursing education community.

Deadline for advertising copy for the November-December 2016 Issue of Syllabus is Friday, November 4. The issue will be distributed on December 2.

Copy for plain text ads should be sent in Word format. Submit display ads electronically, as a high-resolution PDF in the intended size.

For more information on placing a text or display ad, please visit our website at or contact Sonja Bradfield at sbradfield@aacn.nche.edu or 202-463-6930, ext. 260.

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