QSEN Module Access

QSEN Module Access

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Master's or Doctoral Nursing Student

If you are a nursing student enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program, you may access the Graduate Nursing Student Academy (GNSA) collaboration community by using the following information:

NOTE: The GNSA collaboration community can be accessed by GNSA members only. If you are not a GNSA member, click here to join.

1. Login to My AACN

Visit AACN’s website to login to the new system (see upper right corner of AACN’s homepage).

2. Update My Profile

AACN’s new system will allow you to personally update your contact information, profile picture, your expertise, and your newsletter subscriptions all in one sitting.

3. Opt-in to the AACN GNSA Student collaboration community

When updating your profile, be sure to opt-in to the AACN  GNSA Student Collaboration Community. This is located under the “Update My Profile” section (see screenshot below). Opting in to this community will give you access to the QSEN Modules.

4. Access the Student Community

Once you are back on your dashboard, look for the section titled “GNSA Student Center” and click on the AACN GNSA Student Collaboration Community link.

5. Access the Modules

As this will open in a new window, please ensure that your pop-up blockers are not enabled. The QSEN Graduate Modules are located on the left-hand navigation menu in the community.



For more information and additional assistance, please contact AACN Associate Director of Student Initiatives Marta Wall at mwall@aacn.nche.edu