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Annual Surveys

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To begin surveys A or B, click here. Please use your school’s AACN ID as the user name and password for both surveys if you haven’t changed the password in the past.  If you have changed the password, please use your new password for both surveys. You may change your password after you log into either survey A or B. Survey C information will be sent separately.

A. Annual Survey of Baccalaureate and Graduate Nursing Programs

This survey starts in early September and ends in early November each year. The survey collects data on enrollment, graduation, applications, and salaries of full-time faculty and deans.  The data help schools in many ways, such as comparing their salary data with peer schools and knowing the number of schools offering or planning to offer CNL or DNP programs.  The data also provide enrollment and graduation information for NP and CNS programs by specialty. Respondents receive a free copy of the annual data reports.

B. Faculty and Doctoral Student Roster Survey

This survey starts in mid-August and is due by the end of September each year (for schools that have completed the initial survey, an annual data update is needed.) This survey collects faculty (full-time) and doctoral student data at the individual level regarding demographics, education, and employment.  The results will help schools understand issues affecting the nursing faculty shortage such as faculty recruitment, retention, and promotion. Participating schools can generate free reports on faculty distribution by rank, tenure, degree, race/ethnicity, or gender.

C. Annual Faculty Vacancy Survey

This survey starts and ends in August each year. The survey collects data on budgeted but unfilled full-time faculty positions by degree, rank, tenure, level of teaching. and teaching responsiblities.


Contact information

Dr. Di Fang, Director of Research and Data Services
(202) 463-6930, ext. 225
Yan Li, MA, Research Coordinator
(202) 463-6930, ext. 236
David Stauffer, Research Assistant
(202) 463-6930, ext. 244