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Customized Data Reports

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AACN offers customized reports to meet the needs or preferences of individual institutions. Customized reports - tailor-made to a school's individual specifications from AACN's respected, authoritative data - help deans compare their resources with those of similar institutions.

Customized reports can be provided for your school and a group of comparison institutions of your choice on variables such as enrollment and graduations by type of program and faculty salaries according to rank and degree level. Data that relate to individual salaries or that identify individuals within a school are classified as restricted and can only be released in aggregate form. AACN is not responsible for errors in reporting by respondent institutions.

There is at least a two- to three-week turnaround time for customized reports. Upon completion, the report is sent by email, along with the invoice.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Di Fang
Director of Research and Data Services
202-463-6930, Ext. 225

Yan Li, MA,
Research Coordinator
202-463-6930, Ext. 236

Rachael Arietti, MS
Research Assistant
202-463-6930, Ext. 244

Sample Reports