SFBA QSEN Initiative

SFBA QSEN Initiative

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The purpose of the SFBA QSEN Faculty Development Initiative is to enhance the ability of nurse faculty to effectively develop quality and safety competencies among graduates of entry-level registered nursing programs. This development opportunity gives nurse faculty key information and skills to improve their curricula with a focus on the six core QSEN competencies: patient-centered care; teamwork and collaboration; evidence-based practice; quality improvement; patient safety; and informatics.

This initiative uses a “train the trainer” approach to prepare a cadre of nursing faculty with the capacity to:

1. lead other faculty in their institution in efforts to incorporate this content into the curriculum for nursing students,

2. teach and mentor students regarding the concepts and skills necessary for the delivery of high quality and safe patient care, and

3. train other faculty to accomplish these goals.



Contact inforamtion

Please forward your suggestions or comments to:

Kathy McGuinn
QSEN Project Director
(202) 463-6930 ext. 262

Shelley Porte
QSEN Project Assistant
(202) 463-6930 ext. 269