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Webinar Series Overview

This 2 part series webinar will provide nursing faculty with an overview of the skills needed to be successful in the role of Principal Investigator. Part II of the series, Surviving the Process: Strategic Decision-making, will be presented on November 10, 2011 at 1:00 pm. For more information click here.

Part I: So You Want to Be a PI: Introduction to the Role

DAte: October 27, 2011
TIME: 11:30 am-1:00 pm (ET)  

Webinar OverView

In this presentation Robert Topp, RN, PhD will introduce the role of Principal Investigator (PI) of a research project.  Dr Topp is currently a Professor of Nursing and the Associate Dean for Research at the Marquette University College of Nursing.  He has conducted a wide variety of research projects over the past 25 years supported by federal, foundation and community resources resulting in over 100 published manuscripts and over 200 presentations and various scientific meeting.  Dr Topp will discuss the multiple responsibilities of being a PI including not only scientific but also fiscal, administrative and compliance responsibilities.  He will also present the advantages of being a PI.  Finally, he will explore common issues confronting a PI which arise during the conduct of a study and will draw upon his experience in describing how these issues may be resolved.


1. Describe 4 positive aspects to being a PI

2. List the roles a principal investigator of a research project performs

3. Anticipate 4 common issues which confront a new PI and various approaches to resolving these issues

Webinar Speaker

Robert Topp, PhD, RN, Professor and Associate Dean for Research, Marquette University, College of Nursing

Webinar Recording

AACN Member Faculty Recording

Note: Only faculty of AACN Member Schools can participate in this AACN Faculty Webinar.