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Date: February 24, 2011
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 pm (ET)

Webinar Overview

  • The first 30 minutes cover SGL business items and changes to AACN’s Spring Advocacy Day to better prepare SGLs for the upcoming meeting and 2012 advocacy efforts.
  • The remaining 60 minutes review SGL roles and responsibilities to bolster advocacy activity of AACN members, foster initiative in advocacy measures at the state and federal levels, and to increase communication between SGLs and AACN GA staff. AACN’s 2008 SGL Roles and Responsibilities document will serve as a foundation for this portion of the Webinar. An introduction on the purpose of the SGL program, review of the selection process, and the roles and responsibilities are narrated by GA staff. Two experienced SGLs also provide their insight.

Webinar PRESENTErs

Suzanne Miyamoto, PhD, RN, Director of Government Affairs, American Association of Colleges of Nursing and Lauren Inouye, RN-BSN, Government Affairs Manager, American Association of Colleges of Nursing

Guest Contributors

Nancy DeBasio, PhD, RN, Dean, Research College of Nursing and Chris Alichnie, PhD, RN, Chair and Professor, Emerita, Bloomsburg University

Webinar Recording

AACN Member Faculty Recording

NOTE: Only faculty of AACN Member Schools can participate in this AACN Faculty Webinar.