Join AACN’s Online Collaboration Community to Access Dozens of Free Webinars

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To more closely engage with our constituents, AACN has created an online Collaboration Community exclusively for faculty and deans of member schools. This online forum serves as a social media platform that enables members to share knowledge and best practices through discussion boards, post resources, explore topics of shared concerns, and form strategic alliances. Members of the community also enjoy on-demand access to more than 150 archived webinars on topics ranging from best teaching practices to interprofessional education to executive leadership and many others.

To gain access to the Collaboration Community and all Webinars do the following steps

1. Login to My AACN

Visit AACN’s website to login to the new system (see upper right corner of AACN’s homepage).
NOTE: AACN member deans, faculty, and students received  a unique login and password with easy instructions on how to login to the new system. If you did not receive this, go to
Verify My AACN account to retrieve your login and password.

2. Update My Profile

AACN’s new system will allow you to personally update your contact information, profile picture, your expertise, and your newsletter subscriptions all in one sitting.

3. Opt-in to the AACN Member Collaboration Community

When updating your profile le be sure to opt-in to the AACN Member Collaboration Community. This is located under the “Update My Profit le” section. Opting in to this community will give you access to this exclusive benefi t for faculty from member schools. This innovative service provides an interactive, social media platform that enables members to share knowledge and best practices, establish collaborative relationships, and form strategic alliances with peers. The community is not a public domain and all information within the community may be viewed only by AACN members.

For more information and additional assistance, please contact Faculty Programs Coordinator, Brianna Bruce at bbruce@aacn.nche.edu.